Summer at HF Jensen

Letter from the CEO

Dear friends and colleagues

Summer is here and we wanted to share some exciting updates. 

First, we have revamped our website – please check it out  We have expanded content on our product offerings and applications, and we’re grateful to our customers who have provided great testimonials – thank you!

Like most other businesses, we feel the constraints of a challenging supply chain environment. However, we are optimistic and have quickly geared up for the second half of 2022 and beyond. 

On September 6-9, we will showcase our products at the SMM Maritime exhibition in Hamburg, and you can now find details on our website of other future events we plan to attend.  

Parts of our team will take a summer break in week 29 and 30 (July 18 – 31, 2022). We will have continued services throughout the summer, though at reduced capacity in this period.  We’re back to full scale in August. 

Have a lovely summer.