New Universal Robot UR 5E

Universal Robot UR 5E

We are excited to implement our new robot (the Universal Robot UR 5E) into our manufacturing processes.   We will use the robot to fill silicone into the sensors, which has been a task manually carried out by our team.  The task has been repetitive and tearing for our team so we are excited to see the impact of robot UR 5E, and how it can help free up much needed time. 

About the Universal Robot UR 5E

Universal Robots cobots are versatile, lightweight collaborative robotic arms designed to work safely alongside humans. Users program it through an intuitive touch-screen interface and by positioning the robot with their hands. The UR5e is a lightweight, adaptable collaborative industrial robot that tackles medium-duty applications with flexibility.   The UR5e is designed for seamless integration into a wide range of applications.

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