Water Level Measurement With High Precision


Our ability to accurately measure water levels continuously is essential to effectively manage our water resources over time. Whether we’re managing the groundwater, reducing drinking water loss, or preventing floods and water waste, its essential to accurately monitor the water levels.

HF Jensen has many years of experience developing and producing sensors for measuring water levels. Our products can be utilized in a wide range of applications within the water industry, ranging from the measurements of the sea depth, monitoring groundwater levels, to regulating water levels in tanks.

Example of HF Jensen products applied in Ground Water Measurement

In the early days of groundwater measurement, the depth from the surface to the groundwater required someone to be at the site to manually perform the measurement, and the measurement was handwritten on paper. Today such measurements can be taken automatically using HF Jensen’s PSL and PSLM products and a datalogger, and data is saved in a database. If the water level reaches a user defined limit, an alarm is sent to the user´s smartphone or e-mail.

HF Jensen unique product features

The PSL and PSLM sensors measure the pressure in the water that is proportional to the depth in which they are located. Most often it is measured in relation to the atmospheric pressure, but it is also possible to measure the absolute pressure. At HF Jensen we are known for providing robust level sensors with customizable range, output and cable length. The benefits of our products include a very high precision and a low total cost of ownership, meaning our clients get a high quality and durable product.