Subsea installations with high life expectancy


As demand grows for finer control and functionality in subsea installations, users and systems integrators rely more heavily on sensor instrumentation.  Installation in an offshore environment is a dangerous activity, and therefore requirements for sensors earmarked for subsea applications have dramatically increased in recent years.

At HF Jensen we work with designers and users of subsea equipment and our sensors can be applied to a wide range of dredging, offshore, and subsea equipment, such as dredging pumps, ROVs, vessels, and valves.   

Example of subsea production system

As we experience clients needing to measure an increasing number of parameters, we assist in the selection process to ensure that they select the best sensor for the application. In our recommendation, we take into consideration pressure ranges, required accuracy, system setup, data communication, mounting possibilities, vibrations, and other factors that are relevant. 

Our sensors are known for being robust and sustain any harsh envionrment, and we continuously optimize our sensor solutions to meet the latest standards and classification requirements.  Our in-house development and production enable full flexibility and allow us to customize solutions to fit the exact need of our customers.

HF Jensen Products Applied