Marine diesel engines with high temperature and vibration requirements


The marine industry requires sensor technology that works whether your vessel is operating in the tropics or polar regions, to ensure optimal performance of marine engines.  Also with new goals for emission-free power in the marine industry comes new fuel technologies.  Here accurate control of fuel injection and exhaust valves is a necessity to succeed in developing safe and reliable marine operations with greener and cleaner energy sources.

At HF Jensen we have developed sensors for marine for nearly 4 decades, and we develop and manufacture all our sensors in Denmark, one of the world’s leading maritime shipping nations.  

Our sensors are known for being robust and sustain any harsh environment, and we continuously optimize our sensor solutions to meet the latest marine standards and  specifications from MAN Energy Systems. Our in-house development and production enable full flexibility and allow us to customize solutions to fit the exact need of our customers.

Example of HF Jensen products applied in Marine Diesel Engines

Early on in the development of a two stroke ME engine, MAN Energy Solutions asked HF Jensen to develop a sensor for measuring the position of the exhaust valve and later the Fuel Injection Valve (FIVA).  After iterative development,test and trials, we implemented the first product in 2003.

The proximity sensor is developed to provide feedback of the position of the exhaust valve on the MAN Energy Solutions ME engine. Today this sensor is also used in the Hydraulic Cylinder Unit (HCU).
All sensors are tested over full operational temperature, which ensures that the drift with temperature is within the specification.
Each sensor is delivered with a Certificate of Calibration.
The sensors are pressurized at maximum working pressure to verify a stable output signal.

HF Jensen Products Applied