Machinery with extreme precision requirements


There are many benefits to automation of equipment and processes. Where traditionally the purpose was to reduce the costs associated with human operators, today its also a question of increasing quality and flexibility in the manufacturing process, and securing a more environmentally friendly production.

Here at HF Jensen we have decades of experience supplying sensors to users and designers of automation equipment. Our sensors can help secure full control of automation systems with measurement of pressure and displacement, thus enabling effective monitoring, predictive maintenance, and downtime minimization.

Example of HF Jensen products applied

As an example, HF Jensen designs and produces sensors for plastic manufacturers, where the testing of the material is essential to understand the tensile properties. The elongation of a well-defined plastic sample is measured over time when a precise temperature and force is applied.

At HF Jensen we are known for providing robust displacement sensors that are highly customizable and of high quality. The benefits of our products include a higher lifetime and a low total cost of ownership.

HF Jensen Products Applied