Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries: Measurement of high pressure in homogenizing processes


Homogenization, also known as particle size reduction, is a process that is growing in popularity in several manufacturing industries, including cosmetic, chemical, biotech, pharmaceutical and food.

To use the food industry as an example, the use of homogenization equipment offers benefits like extending the shelf life of products, improving the quality and preservation of food.  The process of applying intense pressure to reduce particle sizes in food products can result in more stable chemical structures, which again results in increased freshness and a longer shelf life of the products.

At HF Jensen we have many years of experience developing products that can measure high pressure in the homogenizing process, and our clients include a range of companies that designs and manufactures homogenizers.

Example of HF Jensen products applied in high-pressure homogenization

High-pressure homogenization is typically performed by forcing a liquid through a narrow nozzle at high pressure and by such establishing high shear stress. This can be used to stabilize bio-oil as emulsions, and the droplet size can be adjusted by the levels of pressure and energy input.

Precision in measuring the pressure in this process is essential for the outcome.  HF Jensen’s high pressure sensors are machined out of traceable titanium and have a surface roughness better than 0.4 µm Ra. They can withstand high levels of pressure and temperature and are compatible with most media and cleaning processes. The extremely high burst pressure and no oil filling guarantees a high food safety. We can design the sensor to fit into your equipment.

HF Jensen Products Applied